You need a french accounting firm because you are a foreign company and you want to establish a french subsidiary in France or need to comply with french tax and french accounting standards.

DEXP english speaking Chartered Accountant and International Business Services has a strong experience on mapping and bridge and support for international companies through the French financial environment. It means that our services cover the whole needs of accounting, tax, legal, and social compliance in its internal structure.

 In this regards, we ensure :

  • Gaap conversion or bookkeeping : we ensure compilation engagement (mapping & bridge) or presentation engagement (full bookkeeping within french referential) ;
  • Tax : Expert guidance to match with your tax compliance (all tax returns included transfer price) ;
  • Legal : Consulting and Comprehensive legal compliance, ensuring your business comply to French law regulations from creation process and life during ;
  • Social : Comprehensive social compliance services to manage workforce-related obligations (payrol and social statement) ;
  • Financial consulting : performing Business Plan and accounting insights to help your financial decisions ;


Our organisation is based on :

  • full digitalisation data, paperless accounting process and internal electronic document managment tool ;

  • data visualisation and finantial transparency. Our accounting tools and monthly financial reporting offer a clear insight subsidiaries's performance in real time ;

  • others consulting services with hight added value


Tax authorities require to produce and submit on demand a FEC (Fichier des Ecritures Comptables - Accounting entries file) prepared in accordance with French accounting standards. In addition, the tax authorities require that the wording of the accounts and entries in the FEC be in French. The non compliance with this obligation pose a risk to the company :

  • questioning of deficits ;
  • non deductibility of charges and accrual for losses ;
  • automatic taxation ;
  • vigilance certificate loss.

These requirement is a problem for international groups that operate in France through a subsidiary and whose accounting is kept in English on the group’s ERP system.

Whether or not your system is capable of producing an FEC, DEXP can help you to produce an orderly and compliant FEC, check and adjust accounting files produced by your system (NetSuite or others) to ensure compliance and thus reduce the risk of the FEC being rejected.


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